Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Organization?

Jenna’s definition of home organizing is to rearrange and transform an area within the home to display your items in a more attractive and functional way. 

What happens with the unwanted items?

We suggest donating unwanted items or tossing anything in bad condition.

We love giving back, so we always suggest donating unwanted clothing, furniture or other items if it is still in decent condition.

 We enjoy working with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Veterans of Westchester, Good Will, and more.

We often set up pick-ups for clients when needed.

How can SPIFF help?

We are here to make your life easier, creating function and flow in your home.

We are the final step to interior design, adding the finishing touches to your home designed to last a lifetime.  At Spiff, we can help you transform an entire space within hours by eliminating unnecessary items and adding the right materials to completely redesign your space.

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