What our clients are saying

'Jenna and her team did a fantastic job helping my mother-in-law settle in after her move. She had only good things to say about them: they were very punctual, a pleasure to work with, and when they were done she felt totally settled in and comfortable in her new apartment--no more boxes and packing materials everywhere, and everything in its place! Thank you Jenna!'


'I was the most organized person I knew, until I met Jenna. She has not only organized my house but beautified spaces. Garages, basements, places that I don’t want to spend hours of my life, she will transform in a matter of hours. Even my husband who hates being organized and never throws anything away, really appreciates how Jenna does her work. The only problem is, once she get there, I never want her to leave.'


'I was overwhelmed as I faced cleaning out old furniture, bringing in new, and getting organized as I redid my apartment. Jenna came in and took over in the best possible way - professional, efficient, cost effective and easy to work with. She's fantastic.'


'Jenna and the team at SPIFF changed my life. My house was in pretty good shape or so I thought! She came in and re-organized my pantry and my bedroom closet and it is like I am suddenly able to breathe so much deeper and exhale. Things are so organized yet very easy for me to maintain. Jenna understood how to make my space easy for my husband and I as well as my nearly 5-year-old son. He can reach his snacks easier while not making a total mess of the kitchen. Jenna is a master.'


'SPIFF did an amazing job on my master closet. It was a total mess and they organized it, left me space to grow and made everything look pretty. Before i felt anxiety when i walked by my closet, now I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I will definitely use them again.'


'Jenna and the team at Spiff went above and beyond what I thought was possible. The team at Spiff packed my entire home (whilst I was out of the country), got it into storage and made it a stress free move. I couldn’t have done it without them. Not to mention that everything was packed thoughtfully, carefully and delicately. Thank you'

Stephanie Northwood Blyth (Bambi)

'Spiff has changed my life! Jenna did an amazing job organizing my kitchen cabinets and basement playroom. I now have an organized system that I can maintain. It feels so good to start the new year this way! Jenna was a pleasure to work with and I am so grateful that I found her.'

Michelle G

'A month ago Jenna and the Spiff team are AMAZING!! I truly hate moving, but Jenna and her team made this the most stress free move of my life. They organized everything I’m bringing with me to my new place AND got rid of what I don’t need via donations. Also, they coordinated a fantastic moving company to ensure my furniture and art are in pristine condition in storage. Can’t wait to work with Jenna in the team when I move into my new condo!! Thank you Spiff!!'

Eboni K. Williams

'I recently hired Jenna, a resident of Larchmont and owner of Spiff Home Organizing, which is based here in Larchmont, to help me organize a pantry, toy/art closet and rearrange kitchen drawers. She did an amazing job! Her prices are reasonable and she's a lovely person to have in the house.'

Lori V